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International Coordinators

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International Support Groups

Bobby Castillo, a member of the Mexica and Apache Nations, is the international spokesperson for the LPDC. Bobby grew up in Fresno, California and spent most of his young years in and out of juvenile institutions and prisons. It was in prison that Bobby met Leonard Peltier, who had a tremendous impact upon him. Leonard influenced Bobby to live a clean and sober life, learn about his Native heritage, and advocate for his people. Bobby has been active in the movement to gain Leonard Peltier's freedom ever since he himself was released in 1981. As an international spokesperson, Bobby makes regular interventions at the United Nations in Geneva and meets with foreign diplomats to rally international pressure for Leonard Peltier's release. Thanks to the persistency of the International team, international support for Leonard Peltier is phenomenal, including support from the European Parliament, the Belgian Parliament, the Italian Parliament, and several Nobel Laureates.

Sylvain Duez-Alesandrini, a member of the Corsican Nation, has been advocating for Leonard Peltier for over 15 years. Based in Paris, France, Sylvain coordinates international support groups, organizes efforts at a grass-roots level in Paris, cultivates support from NGO's, lobbies foreign officials, coordinates activities at the United Nations, and coordinates visits from foreign diplomats. During the clemency campaign, Sylvain coordinated visits from former First Lady of France, Danielle Mitterrand and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Rigoberta Menchu, both of whom met with key officials and with Leonard Peltier. Sylvain also rallied extensive international pressure for the proper medical treatment of Leonard Peltier, culminating in an intervention by the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture.

Bob Robideau, ("The Blade") is a member of the White Earth and Turtle Mountain Chippewa Nations. A long time veteran of the AIM wars against the United States Government, is an international spokesperson for the LPDC. Bob, co-defendant, ex-political prisoner and former National/International Director of the LPDC, has been struggling for Leonard's freedom since day one. He has a Bachelors degree in Cultural Anthropology, he is a self taught artist and currently is the founder/owner-director of the American Indian Movement Museum in Barcelona, Spain.

Martina Roels, International Co-Coordinator, is from Belgium and has been working for the case of Leonard Peltier for over 10 years. Martina is a member of KWIA, support group for Indigenous Peoples, which is a human rights organization based in Belgium defending and promoting all collective and individual human rights of indigenous peoples and more specifically, the right to self-determination. Martina is the coordinator of the Workgroup North-America of KWIA. She lobbies the European Parliament, Belgian and Flemish Parliament, as well as other Parliaments of the European Union. Leonard officially brought Martina on board the International team on October 8, 1998 authorizing her and KWIA to lobby on his behalf. Martina has organized dozens of meetings with International Spokesperson Bobby Castillo in helping to pass resolutions from the Belgium and European Parliament for Leonard Peltier. She is also Coordinator of KWIA/LPSG Belgium and works with LPSG Italy.

Prof. Glenn Morris is a member of the Shawnee Nation who serves as an advisor for the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee's international team. He is an attorney specializing in international law and he is a professor of political sciences at the University of Colorado, Denver. He is the founder of the Fourth World Institute for Indigenous Peoples' Laws and Politics. A long time supporter of Leonard Peltier's freedom, Glenn has organized several vigils and demonstrations for Leonard Peltier in the Denver area. He also helped to spear head annual counter- Columbus Day celebrations in Denver.

Prof. Sharon Venne is a member of the Cree Nation who serves as an advisor for the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee's international team. She has played an active role in the national and international struggles of many Indigenous Peoples, including the Lubicon Cree and Dene Nation. Sharon has a Masters of Law degree from the University of Alberta and currently serves as a Professor of International Law. She is a lobbyist and an expert on Indigenous politics at the Untied Nations. She won several cases against Canada in front of the United Nations - Committee on Human Rights.