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Peltier Attorney Urges Congress to Investigate Official Misconduct , March 29, 2004

Press Statement by Peltier Attorney Barry Bachrach -- On the Trial and Verdict of the Arlo Looking Cloud Case, February 7, 2004

Peltier Case


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Quick Facts : The Case of Leonard Peltier

Online Petition to the Senate Subcomittee on Terrorism, Technology & Homeland Security to release the remaining FBI documents in the case of Leanard Peltier.

Online Petition to the House Judiciary to include Leonard Peltier's case & the RESMURS in their investigation of FBI misconduct in the Deegan case.

Legal Actions

Legal Actions

1/ 15 /0 4

LEGAL UPDATE : Regarding "Writ of Habeas" - Filed by Leonard Peltier Concerning the Federal Parole Commission Not Setting Parole


Summary of Appeal :
10th Circuit Court of Appeals


Appeal from the United States District Court for the District of Kansas (D.C. No. 99-CV-3194-RDR)
FILED NOV. 4, 2003


LEGAL UPDATE : Regarding Appeal of the Denial of Mr. Peltier's 1999 Habeas Corpus Petition


Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals

FOIA Requests and Responses

Denial of Appeal from the U.S. Department of Justice, on the failure of FBI Buffalo Field Office to respond to request for access to records concerning Leonard Peltier.

FOIA Requests and Responses

FOIA Re sponses : National Archive Response to Allegation Regarding Destruction of FBI Field Office Files Relating to Leonard Peltier, and FBI Declaration Re: Time Allocations for Release of Documents Reclassified As Historical Documentation >> more on this >>>

Previous Legal Updates >>>


 Peltier In the News....

Write to Leonard:
Leonard Peltier # 89637-132
P.O. BOX 1000
Letters from Leonard Peltier: Reminder of Genocide Against Indians , bySaeed Shabazz, staff writer, FCN Publishing,, 1 2 / 22 /03
The Case of Leonard Peltier , by Tacoma LPSG, Infoshop News, 12 / 09 /0 4
PELTIER CONVICTION: FBI Office is Pursued for Data Tied to '70s Case , by Mark Sommer, Buffalo News, 11/2 9 /03
Court Denies Peltier Parole Hearing , by David Melmer, Indian Country Today, 11/ 10 /03

Report on Vigil in Paris for Leonard Peltier
September 17th, 2003 - Paris (France)

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LPSG Event Reports >>>

  Editorials & Columns

Peter Worthington


The Right Thing
Toronto Sun
November 29, 2002
E DITORIAL : Leonard Peltier Justice and the President , The Windsor Star, December 23, 2003
EDITORIAL: Peltier Case, Canada Has a Role to Play , Windsor Star, Sept ember 24, 2003
Op/Ed: " Attack on Leonard Peltier ,"by Carter Camp
Leonard Peltier: America's Political Prisoner ,Pravda.Ru , 7/18/2003. -- In America, is there justice for all?
E ditorial Essay: Disappearing in America , by Carter Camp

In Memory: Wallace Black Elk

Nilak Butler

Standing Deer



Agencies Rely on Wide Range of Exemption 3 Statutes ,posted 12/16/03
FOIA Officers Conference Held on Homeland Security posted 7/3/03
FOIA Post (2003): Executive Order on National Security Classification Amended April 11, 2003

Oglala Commemoration

Photo Essay & Event Letter
from the 4th Annual Oglala Commemoration Committee
Oglala, S.D., June 26th, 2003

Click Herefor Information about the 2004 5th Annual Oglala Commemoration



The Miners Canary

"Like the miner's canary, the Indian marks the shift from fresh air to poison gas in our political atmosphere; and our treatment of Indians, even more than our treatment of other minorities, reflects the rise and fall in our democratic faith." -- Felix S. Cohen , 1953

Related & Other Indigenous News

FBI Releases Peltier Case Documents, By Carolyn Thompson, Associated Press Writer, April 6 , 2004
A History of Oppression?by Bob Newbrook, JGDC, Web Posted April 6, 2004
Peltier Lawyers Ask for FBI Probe , by David Melmer, Indian Country Today, April 1 , 2004
Imprisoned Indian Activist Peltier Asks Congress for Help , Kansas City Star, March 30, 2004

Century of Mismanagement Plagues Indian Trust Funds , by Angie Wagner, AP, March 29, 2004

ONLINE: Court Trial Transcripts , The United States of America vs. Fritz Arlo Looking Cloud, February 2004, Rapid City, South Dakota. Web posted by Anonymous Ndn, March 28, 2004

Looking Cloud Lawyer Wants Out , by David Melmer, Indian Country Today, March 26, 2004
UN Expert Calls for 'Red Alert' on Resurgent Global Racism , New York , March 22 , 2004

Free Peltier! A Position Statement from Carter Camp , March14, 2004

COINTELPRO Again ? PBS NOW with Bill Moyers, March 5, 2004
Graham to Face Extradition Tribunal , by David Melmer, Indian Country Today, March 02, 2004
FBI Didn't Search 'I-Drive' Files , by John Solomon, AP Writer, Newsday, March 2, 2004
Transcript: Interview with John Graham, Conducted February 20, 2004 , by David Melmer, Indian Country Today, March 02, 2004
Rebounding from the Backlash , by Brenda Norrell, In dian Country Today, March 02, 2004
NYM Statement on the Arrest of John Graham , February 7, 2004

Reading Room

Peltier Case Resources & Multimedia


Letter in Support of Parole, from Former Pine Ridge Teacher and Reign of Terror Witness (June, 2002)


Transcripts : Testimony , Congressional Briefing on Leonard Peltier, May 17, 2000

PDF File - Yale Law Review

Word Document - Yale Law Review Yale Law & Policy Review
"Toward a Remedy for International Extradition By Fraud: The Case of Leonard Peltier" By John J. Privitera


Testimony by Kevin McKiernan , Freelance Journalist (formerly of NPR), at Congressional Briefing for Leonard Peltier, Washington D.C., May 17, 2000


Democracy Now ! Bruce Ellison on "The Expansion of FBI Powers During War On Terror: A Look at the Case of Leonard Peltier "


Analysis and Refutation of the FBI's "Accounting" for AIM Fatalities on Pine Ridg e, 1973-1976, By Ward Churchill

Reading Room

Book Excerpt: " The Execution of Anna Mae Aquash " from Agents of Repression

FOIA Requests and Responses

Wounded Knee 1973 : FOIA Documents

Reading Room

Book Excerpt:" The FBI: At the Pine Ridge Reservation " (Chapter 2), from The Trial of Leonard Peltier b y Jim Messerschmidt


COINTELPRO: The Untold American Story

MP3 Audio Format

Audio Recording: Statutory Interim Parole Board Hearing (July 2002) for Leonard Peltier - Leavenworth, Ks; Web Posted April 18, 2003


Evidentiary Hearing Transcript from the Hearing: Pages 1 through 400

View Video

Video Clip : View an interview by Kevin McKiernan with Duane Brewer (former GOON), from "The Spirit of Crazy Horse," a 1990 PBS Documentary

The Legacy of Wounded Knee : Argus Leader Feature Series

Denver Report : Leonard's Appeal
Before the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals

Photo from Denver Report at

From "Denver Report " ( left to right ) Carl Nadler, Barry Bachrach, David Hill, Robby Romero, and Russell Means -- Photo by Keith Rabin

Full Report & Photos at

Statement read to the U.N. Commission on Human Rights

Statement of
Bobby Castillo
to the U.N. Commission on Human Rights
on behalf of
Leonard Peltier

Photo: Sylvain Duez-Alesandrini, LPSG-France (left) and Bobby Castillo, LPDC International Spokesperson (center).

Mr. Castillo presenting statement to the Commission on Human Rights, Sub-Commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights, at the Working Group on Indigenous Peoples, Twenty First Session, 21–25 July 2003 . [ Click here to read statement, view photos ]

Web Site Updated: April 5, 2004

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