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Photo Essay & Event Letter
4th Annual Oglala Commemoration

Oglala, S.D.

June 26th, 2003

Photo Essay: 2002 Oglala Commemoration

Event Letter
4th Annual Oglala Commemoration:

Grandmother Roselyn

Grandmother Roselyn Jumping Bull

Thursday, the 26th of June dawned a beautiful day and we made our way to the Little Family cemetery near Oglala where the Commemoration ceremonies would begin. Both new and familiar faces were present in a large crowd of people who had already gathered there. Many of these people were reuniting with old friends, making new ones, and paying their respects at the graves of Anna Mae, Joe Stuntz and Jun Little, all of whom are buried in this small family cemetery.

The voice of Robert Quiver was heard over several car radios as he performed a "friendly takeover" of KILI Radio and broadcast the meaning of the annual Commemoration and some musical performances from last year's event.

At approximately 1:00 PM, the Commemoration began in earnest with Mr. Clyde Red Shirt and Mr. Fred Cedar Face leading the group in prayers and pipe ceremony with accompanying prayer and honor songs from Elk Nation.

Special thanks go out to the Oglala Lakota Police Department for providing an escort for the entire group of people making the memorial walk from the Little Family Cemetery, two miles up the road, to the Jumping Bull property where the infamous "Incident at Oglala" took place.



Oglala Commemoration

Oglala Commemoration
June 26

Everyone gathered under the trees there on the property where more prayers were said, not only for Joe Stuntz, who was killed there, but for Agents Williams and Coler who also lost their lives in that place 28 years ago, and for all the victims of the "Reign of Terror" that lasted years, not only in Oglala, but all across the Pine Ridge Reservation, and for the freedom, safety and health of Leonard Peltier.

This year's Commemoration was dedicated in memory of Nilak Butler, American Indian Movement Patriot, who walked on from this world this last year. Words were spoken on her behalf by Mrs. Fedelia Cross, Mr. Bruce Ellison and Mr. John Trudell and a giveaway in her honor was conducted by Grandmother Roselyn Jumping Bull. Words were also spoken by Mr. Tom Poor Bear, Mr. Jess Claussen and the LaCreek Civil Rights Association, and by members of the Little family in remembrance of Mr.Jun Little who has also walked on from this world. The prayers having been said, the words spoken, the giveaway completed and the memorial cakes shared, everyone then traveled to the Loneman School in Oglala.

John Trudell

John Trudell

Once there, a meal was prepared for all those in attendance. The Commemoration has always run on "Indian Time" and this year was no different. The Committee would like to apologize for the late start of both the meal and the concert and to offer a great "thank you" to the 2 young girls from the Quiver family who had the foresight to have Indian Tacos available for the hungry crowd, while the meal was being prepared.

The Concert

The concert portion of this year's Commemoration was outstanding. Guest speakers educated us on issues facing the Oglala Lakota Nation and all of Indian Country, including Leonard Peltier, Anna Mae Pictou Aquash, the Reign of Terror, racism in local border towns, Indian education, youth issues and industrial hemp.

Memorial Give Away

Memorial Give Away In Honor of Nilak Butler
Conducted by Grandmother Roselyn Jumping Bull

These speakers included Tom Poor Bear, Vernon Bellecourt, Russell Blacksmith, Leola One Feather, Tom Cook, Winona LaDuke, Barry Landeros-Thomas and Joe Connoly, John Trudell, Bruce Ellison, Thomas Dockstetter, LPSG-France, Jess Claussen with members of the LaCreek Civil Rights Association.


There were traditional singers, rock and blues bands, hip-hop artists, poets and folk singers. Elk Nation, Native Era, Sioux Thugs, Storm, Spyderback with special guest Robert and Monte Briggs, Jim Page, JD Nash, Dale Alan, and Ruth Fahr.

Along with the outstanding Indian tacos available, one could also purchase Commemoration T-shirts, CDs from last year's concert, cassette tapes of the 25th Anniversary Wounded Knee Commemoration Concert in 1998 and CDs and autographed photos of some of the performers this year. The concert portion ran late into the night and the Committee would like to thank all of the people who stayed and enjoyed both the speakers and entertainers.

Jim Page

Jim Page

Thank You

The Committee also sends their thanks to people who supported us in their own ways, but were unable to be in attendance for various reasons. Wayquay (all our love), Sandy Flye, Tom Black Feather, Leland Little Dog, Edgar Bear Runner, Marquetta Peltier, and all the others who could not make it, we wish you well and hope to see you at next year's event.



Finally, the Commemoration Committee would like to thank all of the people who made this year's Commemoration both a reality and a success. We have diligently tried to keep an accurate list of names and if anyone is not mentioned here, please accept our humble apologies. (A list of names can be seen here.)


Free Speech TV was on hand to film portions of this event, which will be shown in August on Free Speech TV on the Dish Network Satellite, channel 9415.

For a free satellite dish go to




Free Speech TV Crew

Free Speech TV Crew

Days Leading Up to the Event:

June 24th: A Give-away in the Name of Leonard Peltier was held for the OST Healthy Start in Manderson, the students of AIC of Ohio State sponsored this and did a great job. Bringing in a trailer full of much needed baby and medical supplies.


"Way to go students."

We would like to see more students get involved.

June 25: We traveled to the Badlands as we had done the previous year. There, we were met by Mr.Ferdinand Romero who is diligently working to have that area of the Badlands declared a Sacred Site, due to the human remains found in and near that area. Some of those remains belonged to Anna Mae Pictou Aquash, who was assassinated there. Mr. Romero explained to us the significance of this place, and took us to the exact spot where our sister Anna Mae's body was found. Robert Quiver, Jr., led us in an intimate remembering ceremony for our fallen relative and prayers and offerings were left in honor of her spirit at that place. Afterwards it was decided that this would be an annual visit and officially part of the Commemoration itself.

For official information on this annual event go to:

Hope to see you all next year.
Oglala Commemoration Committee

"Oglala Commemoration"

Remember World Peace & Prayer Day - June 21st

Photo Essay from 2002 Oglala Commemoration