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Messages from Leonard

The Story Behind Leonard Peltier

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Peltier Response On Inappropriate Activity - Posted July 15, 2001

Dear Friends: Unfortunately, some inappropriate activity has been undertaken on Leonard Peltier's behalf. The article, posted here, will serve as an explanation. Leonard Peltier's response, which has been sent to "The Forum" newspaper, follows the article. We know you are already familiar with Leonard Peltier's policy of non-violence regarding any activity pursued on his behalf. However, we want to make doubly sure his position, especially in response to this specific incident, is known and that the activity is halted. Thank you for your understanding. --- In Solidarity, The Leonard Peltier Defense

Peltier Statement on FBI Abuses - Posted Tuesday, May 15, 2001

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Letter: October 1999

On the Passing of Nilak Butler
A Statement from Leonard

I am deeply saddened by the news I received regarding the passing of my good friend and sister in the struggle, Nilak Butler...Nilak was a strong and courageous woman who was admired by all those who knew her.

I remember those early days when she took the responsibility of placing herself out in front on many issues seeking to correct the wrongs and gain justice for our people. She fought so hard all her life against these injustices perpetuated against us. Nilak knew the meaning of sacrifice as she always put the needs of the people ahead of her personal needs. Her humor and her dedication will always stand out. She is one of the finest examples of the strength and courage of Native women that I know.

We will all certainly miss her presence in the struggle and miss her as a friend. We must honor her life by picking up where she left off. We must continue this struggle to ensure the future of the coming generations.

In the Spirit of Crazy Horse,
Leonard Peltier